New Trail (3 hours)

Alta is a mountain biking paradise!

Where should we ride?
A long list of wonderful biking trails is hidden in the Alta Valley. Some trails and tracks are well known and are many people’s favourites, while others are hidden gems that few use.

On this trip we choose between trails and tracks such as Sonja Kristins Cocktail, Jorra Trail, Altaelva øst, Skogvannet, Mosesens bakgård, Gakorivannet, Kaiskuru, Raipas and more!

We will stop along the way and light an open fire at a nice spot!

Who is it aimed at?
This trip is aimed at those who want a shorter version of the full-day trip of 5-6 hours because you think that sounds too demanding or simply because you don’t have time for that.

It is also designed for those who want to find out about the cycling opportunities in the area or who wish to try mountain biking and experience the Alta nature from the bike seat.

We can adapt the challenges to suit the participants!

A local guide (with bike repair skills) will lead you safely on familiar and unfamiliar trails and tracks. Smell, hear, taste and feel the nature as you rush past!

Highly recommended!

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