Tips on where to cycle from Tromsø

Tromsø offers various day, weekend and few day trips possibilities, here is some good tips where to go, mainly on touring/trekking bike.

There are many opportunities for both shorter and longer one or multiple day cycle trips starting in Tromsø. Tromsø, Troms valley and the Kvaløysletta offer a good network of trails for biking outside road traffic. They vary from paved bike ways, broad gravel bike/walking paths adapted for city bikes, to the narrow and hilly trails where you can challenge yourself on terrain cycle (also in Tromsø!).

Day trips

If you decide to head inland and cross the Tromsø Bridge you can cycle up the Tromsdalen valley, take the cable car up and ride different routes on Fløya and on a mountain bike also ride down to the town again.

Staying on Tromsøya island you can enjoy various bike ways and bike trails on the top of the Tromsøya island (distance of 11 km in straight line form south to north, many trails connected together create good much longer network) and it is also pleasure to cycle around (approximately 25 km – 2 hours). There is beautiful beach on the south part of the island just 3,5 km from our rental center and trip there with visit to the Tromsø Museum situated nearby makes a great plan for a few hours in the city.

Several various destinations can be chosen if you decide to cycle west from the city towards Kvaløya island.

There is a bike way along the coast to Kaldfiord, (it is also possible to get there by bus nr.42 with one/two bikes) and from there cycle towards Hakøya island, Tromvik or Somaroy or just few kilometres to the “end of the road” on Kvaløysletta. This way you find yourself in the wilder parts of the island without cycling long way (which is also great experience as our vicinity is the best in Norway and all the way form Tromsø to Kaldfiord is charming).


Below are just few examples of a shorter trips in the vicinity of Tromsø (distances one way).

1.Our rental center in Tromsø – Kaldfiord: 15 km, 144 metres denivelation or 18,5 km 56 m denivelation if cycled around southern part of Tromsøya (recommended as more attractive route following the sea shore)
2. Kaldfiord – Tromvik: 34 km, 350 metres denivelation
3. Kaldfiord – Sommarøy: 41 km or 60 km if cycled around southern coast of the Kvaløya island
4. Tromsø – Belvika 23 km 377metres denivelation or 27 km and 290m denivelation. Here you can take a ferry to beautiful Vengsøya and spend some time in the island.
5. Kaldfiord – Hakøya 8 km, 40 metres denivelation

In Eidkjosen you can visit one of the oldest grocery stores in the vicinity and enjoy hot lunch or dinner and ice-cream in the buffet there. Shop is also famous for selling great fish and meat including whale and reindeer.

If you are an amateur of longer trips with touring or road bike it’s great idea to ride both the islands and inland. You can head all the way form Tromsø to Sommarøy, Tromvik, Kvaløyvågen or Hansnes / Dåfjord, or you can go to Oldervik, Sjursnes, Breivikeidet, Lyngseidet, Laksvatn or Nordkjosbotn on the mainland.


There are at least 8-9 long (100-150km) day trips in different directions from Tromsø, you can consider taking part of the way by bus if you would like to cycle shorter distance, check the schedules here.

1. Tromsø-Skarsfjord-Tromsø 103km(1xclimb180m)(1x tunel under sea 60m)
2. Tromsø-Hansnes-Tromsø 126km(1xclimb110m)(1x tunel under sea 60m)
3. Tromsø-Kvaløyvågen-Tromsø 79km(flat)
4. Tromsø-Tromvik-Tromsø 100km(1xclimb190m)
5. Tromsø-Sommarøy-Straumsbukta-Tromsø 131km(1xclimb 150m)
6. Tromsø-Mortenhals-Malangseidet-Tromsø 142km(1xclimb 150m)(1x tunel under sea 100m)
7. Tromsø-Selnes-Laksvatn-Tromsø 124km(nearly flat)
8. Tromsø-Breivikeidet-Sjursnes-Tromsø 123km(nearly flat)
9. Tromsø-Lyngseidet-Nordkjosbotn-Tromsø 201km(nearly flat)
10. Tromsø-Oldervik-Tromsø 88km(1xclimb 150m)

We highly recommend to plan the trips with the map, you can use on line google maps to check the rout and distances or special tools to create topographic profile for instance geocontext.


2-7 days trips hints
If you just want a short weekend trip, ride beyond one side, and into the other side of the Southern part of Kvaløya. You start and finish in Tromsø and stay overnight in Sommarøy.

If you want a longer trip, take the ferry from there to Senja. On Senja there are many possibilities. On the coast side I would recommend Mefjord Brygge the first night, after a trip out to Husøy and Skarvesteinen cafe. I have heard rumours that this cafe has limited operation, so it may be wise to check before departure. Hamn i Senja is fine as the next night overstay. High standard. All these accommodations are serving, and cyclist friendly, specially adapted for cyclists.

From Hamn i Senja it’s not so far to Gryllefjord, where the ferry goes to Andenes and Andøy. When you first are in the area and cycle around, it’s worth visiting Andøy. Yu could try whale safari from Andenes.


If you want the full inclusive offer Grønnbua 2 is a great option. If you cycle down to the southern tip, the outer coast side is most spectacular, with long white beaches and bird islands in the ocean. From Risøyhamn you can take the Hurtigruten (costal steamer) up to Tromsø. Then you take your last sleep over at Marmelkroken, and need to get up early. Hurtigruten are at Risøyhamn at 4:15 to 4:30. Otherwise you can cycle to Harstad and take the speedboat back. It is fine to send the bikes to Tromsø on the boat from Harstad, and take flight from Evenes. But I think it’s just as easy to just take the boat up to Tromsø and fly from here.

We have no opportunity to take bicycles in return from Andenes.

If you want to see more of Senja, there are many nice places down on the south part of Senja but no high standard accommodation. There is camping between Brygghaugen and Silsand (Senja Camping), and in Tranøybotn, Flakstadvåg and Skrolsvik. From Flakstadvåg and Skrolsvik you can take the speedboat to Harstad.
On the inside of Senja, you have several options for accommodation. But I’d like to recommend to rent the house on Grasmyr (Senja Family Park), about 7 km north of Silsand. Max 8 or 9 beds and self catering. Alternatively Senja Youth Hostel, which is also a cozy place 4 km north of Silsand, with simple standard. If you return by bikes to Botnhamn and Kvaløya, there are camping in Strønnesbotn, Fjordbotn Camping.