Basic tips when you go cycling on your own

You don’t need to be a cycling expert or invest in expensive equipment to have an enjoyable cycling trip. But a few small tips can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable!

Start with your cycle and equipment and then you can gather a few tips and ideas about what to take with you and how to pack etc. You can also hire bikes several places in Northern Norway. When you hire a bike it`s normally includes helmet, safety west, lock, pump and tool kit.

Packing tips
• Pack your gear in plastic bags to provide extra protection even though cycle bags are waterproof.
• You should always have an extra pair of shoes and a woollen sweater for cool evenings. Otherwise, you should pack as little as possible and ensure the weight distribution is even on both sides.
• Always take basic medical supplies like plasters and an antiseptic and don’t forget sun cream and sun glasses.
• If you are going on a longer ride, it is important to pack a repair kit with a cycle pump, extra gear and brake wire and tools. Take an extra inner tube in case you get a puncture.
• Carry copies of the timetables from the various ferry operators.
• Bring a safety vest, which is a good idea because of tunnels.

Advice for your cycle tour
• The recommended daily duration for experienced adult cyclists varies between 60 and 100km. Inexperienced cyclists and those who have children with them should allow for shorter stages.
• If you want to add in additional activities, limit your daily cycling to 30 to 40km.
• Use the NAF camping guide or speak with the local tourist office, to see where the nicest rest areas are situated
• Plan a rough outline of the various legs in advance.
• Book cabin accommodation well in advance, preferably the day before your planned arrival. In some area in Northern Norway(Lofoten), you need to book accommodations several months before arrival.
• Plan to buy groceries in the middle of the day. Several shops close early in the afternoon and buying groceries when the bigger stores are open is the cheapest option.
• Take regular rest breaks, drink plenty of water and ensure you have snacks in your pack in case you get hungry (e.g. chocolate, buns or bananas).
• If there is a lot of traffic and the road conditions become difficult to grasp such that you don’t feel as safe as normal, stop and get off your bike. This is applies particularly to ferry traffic.

Cycle tours offer experiences you will long remember…
• You may get sore muscles and frozen fingers and smell the fragrance of a warm summer’s day and experience a feeling of peace and harmony. Even though there is not many sign-posted cycle routes in Northern Norway, it is easy to find your way round. We recommend using the map series 1: 250 000 from Statens Vegvesen. If you want to combine cycling and hiking, we recommend 1:50 000 hiking maps.
• Your cycle tour can be your entire summer holiday, a shorter tour of a few days duration or a weekend together with friends and/or family.

Look also at for  guided cycling trips as well!

We wish you a pleasant cycling adventure in arctic Norway!