You must check with the individual carrier, to be sure of the rules for bringing a bike by ferry, boat and bus.

On ferries, there is no problem to bring bikes. Here there is usually room for large groups of cyclists, and no need to book space in advance. On some ferries, extra bike ticket is charged, while other ferries are free of charge.

On speedboats, such as the boat Tromsø – Finnsnes – Harstad takes bicycle if there is room. They basically have space for more than 10 bikes, but if there are many travelers with a lot of luggage, they can not guarantee to bring the bikes. You can not pre-book space for a bike.

Same practice is also on the long-distance buses, eg. Tromsø – Alta or Tromsø – Narvik. Here you can usually get 1-4 cycles, but if there are many travelers and a lot of luggage, they do not guarantee you will get the bikes. You can also not book a room for a bike here. It is usually the busiest Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

It is possible to rent a bike somewhere in Northern Norway. Some accommodations offer bicycle rental to their guests. Check with your accommodation. In Nordland, the tourist information center in Sandnessjøen has some bikes. Kystriksveien has rental in Steinkjer and Rørvik. The tourist information center in Bodø has city bikes. In Tromsø, Tromsø Outdoor has rental of all types of bicycles. Tromsø Outdoor supplies and collects bicycles along the coast at Hurtigruten’s ports of call from Kirkenes to Bergen. In Alta, Glød Explorer is renting bicycles, with Fatbikes in the winter as a specialty.

We have a system with icon 1 to 3 bikes on each trip. This will indicate how easy or hard the trip is.

1 bike = You must be able to ride a bike. This is an easy trip without any particular physical exertion. The trip is generally flat and does not require special preparation.

2 bikes = This trip requires you to have 2-5 sessions on the bike the weeks ahead. It may have elevations that require physical exertion, and for terrain trips it requires that you have a sense of mountain biking beforehand.

3 bikes = The ride requires regular cycling training in advance. You must be used to cycling for longer stages (70-100 km on country road), possibly. In demanding terrain with steep uphill and descent.

Take a good wool base, warm medium layer and waterproof and windy outerwear, but bring shorts and t-shirts since temperatures and weather conditions change quickly from rain and 10 degrees to sunshine and 20 degrees. Remember a small backpack or bicycle bag to pack your clothes. For longer trips it is recommended to bring warm, waterproof bike gloves and bicycle shoe or bicycle shoe cover.

You will find the price easily visible during the description of the trip. If you click on “more info” you will also find information about what is included in the price, in the right column under the Facts and figures.

To buy a ticket for a trip, click on the booking for the trip you want to buy. Then you will go directly to the supplier’s website where you can buy the tour online, send a request by mail, or contact by phone.