Cycle Oslo – North Cape Norway

Planning a bike ride from Oslo to north cape? Here are some tips to web pages that can help.

We provide cycles to groups who cycle in Northern Norway. We also do guided daytrips in Tromsø, both road and terrain. We are also a part of a network who provide cyclepackages, like this, in the north. This packages is sold by Discover Norway who offers cycletrips most places in Norway, but not long trips like Oslo-NorthCape.

I don`t think there is anyone who offer packed trips Oslo- NorthCape. I will recomand you to cycle Pilegrimsruta(cycleroute nr 7) Oslo to Trondheim, and then cycleroute nr 1C from Trondheim til Northcape Rv 17(kystriksveien)

Se this bikemap for Norway.

The map is not updated on Senja(an island half way nort on rout 1C), and there is now conection betweens the roads outside Senja. This is probably the most beautiful part of the whole trip, and should be given priority. There is 7 tunnels on this road, but it`s legal to cycle, and there is button on each side of the tunnel to push, and then it give drivers a warning there is cyclists in the tunnel. Tere is also boxes with reflex wests on eash side of the tunnels.

you will find cyclist frendly accomodations here

Have a nice trip, and welcome in to our Acticity and Rental center when you pass by Tromsø!

Ps! We recomand Amalie Hotell, who are the only Cyclist frendly hotel in Tromsø.