About us

The owners of Arctic Cycling are Tromsø Outdoor , GLØD Explorer, Bussring , Tromsø Safari and Arctic Coastal Cycling. The intention of Arctic Cycling is to strengthen cycling tourism in Northern Norway to lay the platform for cooperation between different actors in the tourism and adventure industry by collecting a common vision: Northern Norway will be the favorite The destination in Norway for national and international cycling tourists.

The business idea behind Arctic Cycling is to gather companies in cycling tourism by forming a joint sales and marketing portal for bicycle tourism in Northern Norway. The basis for the business idea is cooperation and elimination of unnecessary competition. The network focuses on the development of cycling tourism must be based on quality, professionalism and competence through good quality assured products. For this reason, Arctic Cycling will also be a quality assurance agency for partners and subcontractors. The ambition is to become the leading sales agency for cycling tourism in northern Norway and the leading quality assurance agency for cycling tourism regionally and nationally. Arctic Cycling is responsible for quality assurance of the entire value chain through a certification scheme that will be easily visible to the customer. For you as a customer, it’s safe to choose our products!

Guided Terrain bicycle tour Tromso


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